What to expect at 2012-2013 Wild1’s!

2012-13 WILD1’s: I can’t wait to meet you each week in youth group. We are going to have a great time getting WILD for God! If you still aren’t sure what we do each week then let me tell you a few things. We have some free time at the beginning where you get to just hang with friends and play games. Then we learn some scriptures in a fun way along with some praise and worship songs. The night wouldn’t be complete without you guys telling a joke of the week, so get your jokes ready. Two guys and two gals tell one each week. They may not be all that funny but we still think they rock! Then we dive into the weekly lesson by having some of you come up on stage and help me out! We will learn about God and who Jesus is to you in your life. Man our God is good! Then we will spend some time in small groups and play some games. The night really flies by fast! Be ready for our last Wed. night of the month pizza nights–these are the highlight of our year!

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