3rd Grade St. Louis Mission Trip Update #1

It was a chilly early morning as we excitedly loaded the vans for St. Louis at 6:30am! We arrived at The Bridge around noon and enjoyed a lunch of beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, bread and cake. Some of us were surprised that the food was better than expected! We enjoyed eating with and getting to know the guests. Angella had been homeless in St. Louis this past winter, but recently moved to Houston where she is working and now has a home and car. She was back visiting to share her story and hope with her homeless friends. Robert, who after getting second helpings, said “I’m like a stray dog. I don’t know where my next meal is coming from.” John hopes to travel to Texas and then around the world soon.

After lunch we headed to the Christian Activity Center where we were greeted by their chaplain, Matt. He started our tour off with a fun game of basketball knock-out which our Matt won. After the tour, we wiped off walls and attended their staff meeting before the children arrived.   We all loved interacting with the kids. It was clear the staff have a special connection with the children as they hugged and loved on them. The children freely gave hugs and craved loving touch. We engaged in lively games of basketball, football, and dodge ball with many dog piles, and assisted with homework. The math room was fun with kids playing online math games and board games.

We arrived back at The Bridge hungry for Papa John’s Pizza. We talked about the highlights of the day, and Chris encouraged us to keep asking God what He wants us to learn on this trip. It was a great first day!

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