3rd Grade Mission Trip Update #2

Saturday, April 11th

Up and at ‘em early again today with a 7 am bugle call…actually the sounds of the city woke us up this morning.  What a racket it makes as it wakes up!  Downstairs to breakfast we went to mix and mingle with the community.  We all had great success making new acquaintances and will bring back tons of stories of the interesting people and their life stories.  The time with our new friends went by quickly because it was time to load up the van before we knew it; off to our next adventure.

The Kingdom House graciously welcomed us and showed us their operations.  The House is a place that offers all kinds of assistance to the community; everything from the necessities of food and toiletries to clothing, education, afterschool programs, sporting leagues, and financial education for toddlers to senior citizens.  We spend the morning making homeless hygiene kits with the supplies we brought with us.  We made over 100 kits!  We were so efficient with our kit making that we had time to make thank you gifts for the volunteers of Kingdom House.  Ms. Julie gave a great tour and taught us so much about food deserts and how difficult it can be to do a simple task like grocery shopping without a vehicle and on a limited budget.

The afternoon was a bit of free time which was perfect after all our hard work and good attention.  We got to visit the arch!  First Todd led us in some thoughtful scripture and taught us all how ‘sticky’ God’s love is; it will never leave us.  After some parent-student reflection time, it was time to go up in the arch!  We all piled in our egg shell…that’s the elevator pods reminded us of and in no time we were 630 feet up above the city!  What a view…what a day!

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