3rd Grade Mission Trip Update #3

Sunday morning we woke up to the loud speaker for the marathon.  After breakfast together, we visited The Connection United Methodist Church for worship.  It was a fun and engaging time as we interacted with the congregation over donuts and coffee before church.  The donuts were a big hit, and they just kept bringing more!  We significantly increased the size of the 3rd-5th grade class with our eight students and their four.  They had a great lesson and came out smiling as we listened to Pastor Tish’s sermon on Superheroes – ordinary people being extraordinary.

We headed back to The Bridge for lunch with their guests (people experiencing homelessness).  It was exciting as we learned that a couple of the men had found jobs!   We commented on how they look out for each other in their community – sharing food over dinner and saving food to give to others during the day.  Rebecca then took us on The Walk to see and learn more about people experiencing homelessness in the city.  It was very enlightening to learn about the dynamics and challenges of being homeless and how it can be a difficult cycle to break.  We learned about the resources The Bridge provides in addition to meals and other organizations they collaborate with.  Rebecca asked us how you end homelessness in one word – homes.  She encouraged our students to get involved back home, emphasizing that one person can make a difference.

We walked on from The Walk to the City Museum for some fun!  The kids had a great time climbing and sliding as they explored the museum from top to bottom.  There were a few scrapes and bumps along the way with Dean taking the hardest fall and ending up at the hospital for stitches in his chin.  We talked and laughed over dinner at Fitz’s with soda and ice cream!  It was a joy to be able to eat what we wanted again!  We said good-bye to Lou and Duke as they left for home.

We ended the evening with Todd leading worship in the sanctuary as we reflected on the day and sang and danced.  The students had been thinking of Dean all evening and made cards for him before going to bed.

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