NYC Camp Wrap-Up

By Emily Davidson
Well, our mission trip has come to an end. It’s hard to believe. The week went by so fast. Here’s a quick summary of what we worked on the last two days.
On Friday, we started out by splitting back into two groups. One group went to work with Meals on Wheels again. The other group helped at a food pantry. I was with the group at the food pantry. It was very cool because it was set up like a grocery store. Instead of just handing people a bag of food, they made it so people could pick their own food. We helped stock the shelves, separate a big bag of beets into individual bags, and put bread into bags.
After the food pantry, we headed back to the UN Church Center and met with Chantilly. She introduced us to a man named Marcus. He talked to us about being houseless (he had been on the streets before) and what a group he works with is doing to try and help people who are living on the streets. His group tries to break the cycle of things that cause people to lose their houses. It was very interesting to hear his story.
On Friday night, we got to go to a synagogue to worship. We didn’t understand everything that was being said, but we had fun and felt very welcome. After worship, some of us were able to have dinner together. We had so much fun laughing and talking. It was a great night.
On Saturday, we woke up and went to the Church of the Village in Greenwich Village. We helped set up and prepare for a lunch they have for people in need in their neighborhood. One of my jobs was peeling carrots. They were the biggest carrots I’ve ever seen! I also really liked handing out care packages to the people there who needed them.
After that, we were done. It was such an amazing week. I really feel like we learned a lot, were able to help others, and we had a great time too. Here was the quote I thought of while trying to tell about my favorite part of the trip:
‘Deliver your hearts just as God delivered his to you.’
I hope that’s what we did this week.

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