By Brenda Thornton

As many of you know our mission project at Vacation Bible Camp this year was the ZOE project. We collected enough money to provide 12 houses for the kids at ZOE. You might have read some facts and information about ZOE, but I’m going to try to personalize it just a bit more. ZOE stands for Zimbabwe Orphans Endeavor. It’s an empowerment program for orphans and vulnerable children. Empowerment is the key word here.

What you might not know is KiDSCOR did a prayer exchange with these kids not too long ago and their prayer requests were things like; guidance, protection, God’s wisdom; understanding, teamwork, ZOE staff, success, and understanding among the group members. They mostly wanted prayers for others.

After doing the prayer exchange project it made me realize that these kids have a deep appreciation for the support and prayers they get and are thankful to learn new skills that will make them independent productive people in their communities. In the video it talked briefly about the orphans forming groups to work in. They all have names and were named by those orphans in that group. I’m going to list all 21 work group names so you can read them and get a sense of how this program helps these kids become independent productive people in a world that could be leaving them behind. I know that these kids will be so grateful and thankful for all the efforts you did to provide so many houses for them and the prayers that they received too.


Unity, Tinyade (we are proud); Madalitso (blessings); Tawina (winners); Tigwirizane(lets unite); Chimwemwe(happiness); Chifundo (mercy); Tikondane (love one another); Mphatso (gift); Mtendre (peace); Mulungu Apatsa (God provides); Lonjezo (promise); Tamandani (praise him); Chisomo (grace); Mayankho(answered prayer); Takondwa(unity); Chikondi(love); Tithandizane(lets help one another); Tiyamike(gratitude); Tiyanjane(lets unite); Chikhulupilliro(faithfulness).

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