Serving At Any Age

By: Brenda Thornton

As a kid, I remember growing up going to grandma’s house cooking, gardening and hanging out with her on some weekends. I cherish those times developing a bond with her and learning a lot from just talking with her. I might have missed out on it if I didn’t take the time to visit. We can learn from all generations.

In KiDSCOR we see dedicated parents and youth volunteering with the kids but honestly not an abundance of the mature generation. The first thought I have is I hope that the rest of the church doesn’t feel like they have to have kids or be of a certain age to serve with our kids. I always thought that having multiple generations around gives kids a good sense of the world, just like I felt with my grandma.

This isn’t your grandparent’s Sunday school class anymore with all the high tech things we enjoy and are blessed to have, but it is a place that still needs grandparent types to share their wisdom and experience and help teach another generation what they learned. We develop bonds by learning things together, so you don’t have to know it all. That’s one reason God wants us to gather together at church in the first place, to learn and grow together. As the 25th anniversary of the church celebrates Serving, bring a friend and make it the any age Sunday school class again.

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