Friday Faith Builder

This upcoming Sunday we will be enjoying our KiDS COR Rainbow celebration with our three year olds and their parents! Worship will be the focus of our time together and kids and parents will be learning ways to share in worshiping God together. We will describe to families that worship is expressing our love for God and making God’s heart happy. We will also explore and experience some components of worship, which apply to kids and adults of all ages! As you look through this list, choose one or two ways your family can grow in worshiping God!

W ord of God

O ffering

R ead the Bible

S ounds of Praise

H elp Others

I magine and Wonder

P rayer

Kids are amazing at letting God know how much they love Him through song, dance, serving, laughter, art, prayer, learning, and even being quiet and still. They love characters and stories from the Bible and enjoy learning about God’s creation. Realizing Jesus is their best friend forever is also a truth they celebrate! Enjoy worshiping God as a family in new ways and deepen your relationship with one another and with Him!

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