Family GPS 10.11.15


By Lisa Holliday

Welcome!  Whether you have children in the KiDSCOR nursery, early childhood or elementary programs, you will find your weekly GPS activities right here!  May your family be blessed by God as you choose to spend time with each other and Him!

All KiDSCOR kids

Missions Project: During the month of October, KiDSCOR will continue to collect money which will be used to purchase bandaids, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Kleenex and Chapstick for care kits.  These kits will be given to the children at our partner schools in Kansas City.  You will also be invited to donate these items.  Our goal is to assemble 2,500 care kits for kids!


Prayer:  Dear God, thank You for who you are and for all you have done for me.  Thank you for being with me at home, school, church and in all my activities.  Thanks for being my friend, no matter what is going on in my life.  Please help me to care for others the way you care for me. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Parent Point: Many kids struggle with asking for help, yet God encourages us all to ask Him for help and is always faithful to answer. Consider how you react or respond when you or someone else is in need of assistance.  Are you willing to accept a helping hand when you need it?  Do you offer help when a friend or neighbor is in need? Do you turn to God in prayer, asking Him for guidance and strength, modeling reliance upon Him?  Teach your kids to ask for and receive help from God and God’s people through your words and your actions.


Memory verse:

“Know now then that the Lord your God is the only true God!  He is the faithful God!”  Deuteronomy 7:9

Conversations Starters

How have you experienced God’s love?

What is one of our favorite promises God has made in the Bible?

How and when do you trust God?

How has God helped you through a difficult time?

Early Childhood

Faith Word: Bible

Bible words: “God’s Word lights my way.”  Psalm 119:105

Family activity:

October 4

While you are riding in the car, talk about the words of Jesus.  What does it mean to serve someone else?  When you arrive home, role play some situations where it might be difficult for your child to serve like Jesus. Sharing a favorite toy or using kind words could be examples.  Make sure and praise your child as he or she grows to serve like Jesus.  Affirm your child throughout the week as he or she serves others!

October 11

Gather some blocks, Legos, or other building materials.  Invite your child to build a church with the blocks.  You might first talk with your child about the different parts of a church or just let him/her start building.  Work alongside your child, asking for his/her direction.  When it is complete, celebrate by praying, singing, dancing, reading a Bible story or serving others!


Faith Word: Bible

Family activity: When you are changing your baby’s diaper, rocking your baby or feeding him or her, say these words:  “God made (baby’s name) and God loves (baby’s name)!”  You could also have fun touching your little one’s legs, hands face, and feet and saying, “God made (baby’s name)’s legs” or “God created (baby’s name)’s toes!  Thank and praise God aloud for creating your precious child!

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