The Angel’s News


Read Luke 1:26-33

The angel Gabriel was sent by God to give Mary a special message – she would have a baby! But not just any baby, this baby would be God’s own Son. Who was this baby? (Jesus) This was amazing news! Gabriel said this baby would be given the throne of David and be king forever. Mary and her people, God’s people the Israelites, had waited a loooooooooong time for God to send someone like this to save them. Did anyone ever think it might be a baby?!


Well, 700 years before Gabriel visited Mary, a man named Isaiah gave God’s people a message from God Himself about how they would know the Savior.


Read Isaiah 7:14

God was making the message come true! God was keeping His promise to send a Redeemer, a Savior. How excited Mary must have been to know the One they had been waiting for all these years was going to be her baby.


How would you feel if you were Mary? Who is the first person you would tell?

How do you think God felt in sending Gabriel to Mary?

What do you think the angel Gabriel looked like? Draw a picture of Gabriel’s visit with Mary.

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