Picture It!


Each week during Advent we’ll have an awesome picture challenge you can take part in and maybe win a prize! This week’s challenge involves the red piece of paper your kiddos received as they left KiDSCOR this past weekend. (If you did not receive a red piece of paper no worries just grab any piece of paper and you’ll be good to go!) Here is what we want you to do with your piece of paper. Have your kiddos or better yet your family make a Christmas card with it and give it to someone who does not live in your house. The card could go to someone at school, in your neighborhood, firefighter, policeman, or a relative who lives far way.

After you complete the card, take a picture of either the card and your kiddos who made it or if possible take a picture of the person receiving the card.

Finally after taking the picture post it on Facebook (tag KiDS COR) or post in on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #kidscordoesadvent.

(You can find us on twitter @kidscorleawood and on instagram @kidscor_leawood)

At the end of the week we’ll search for all the pics and choose our favorite. Our favorite picture will get a fun advent prize!

Have fun!!

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