What’s Happening On Sundays?

IMG_0491January has been a great month in Bible Theatre. (Bible Theatre is our large group experience that all K-5th graders visit at some point on Sunday during KiDSCOR. In Bible Theatre we play games, watch skits, praise God, and much more.) Everything we do in Bible Theatre is focused on our theme or topic of the day. In January we’ve seen God at work in the lives of Ruth, David, Jonathan, Elijah, and Elisha. We’ve learned that God is with us during difficult times, brings good out of bad, and has a purpose for our lives.

Not only that, we’ve also had some cool object lessons and games where¬†kids have smashed eggs on people’s heads, watched Elephant toothpaste come out of water bottle, and seen balloons withstand fire. Recently we’ve tried to capture what’s been happening in Bible Theatre on video. We’ve created short 2-3 minute clips and have been posting them to our youtube channel. On the channel you can see our memory verse of the month, a few of the science experiments in action, and the general happenings in Bible Theatre. This is a great way to check things out if your kiddos misses a Sunday or if you want to see what we do upstairs in Bible Theatre. Click here to check out our youtube channel and see some videos from the month of January or watch one of the videos right here.




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