Happy New Year!

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

Happy New Year!  As your family starts off this new season, consider sharing together in the following faith building activity.

You will need a Bible, a large empty bowl and several of one small item to toss into the bowl such as buttons, coins, pebbles or tokens.

Remind your family that during this month of January, people often set goals they would like to achieve in the coming year.  Invite them to play a game and imagine that the large bowl represents 2017—a new year ready to be filled with new experiences, activities and people.  Let them know the game is to toss every small item into the bowl from three feet away.

After every person tries to get every single object in the bowl ask, “Were you able to achieve your goal every time?”  (Most likely not.)

Share with your family that God has a special goal for each of to strive for every day and every year, then read Philippians 3:12-14 aloud.  Let your family know that Paul was one of the greatest people to ever follow Jesus and yet he didn’t feel as if he ever reached the goal of becoming all God called him to be.

No one can achieve perfection, and yet God desires for each of us to be faithful. God wants each of us to continue to follow him and continue to try to know, love and serve Him the best we can. Discuss ways each of you can work towards the goal of following Jesus this year.  Pray and ask God to help you.

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