Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

As we enter 2017, consider placing family faith formation as a top priority in your home!

Begin by using one or more of the ideas below to grow in your faith as a family.

*Eat meals together as often as possible.  Prepare dinner together or ask family members to set the table while a parent cooks.  Pray together before eating.  Share stories about your day. Laugh together.  Share the table with friends occasionally.

*Create memories through special days and vacations as possible.  Remember that family fun does not have to be expensive.  A day fishing, hiking, or discovering a new museum or park can be transforming for your family.  A day spent together away from home can offer important time for problem-solving, conflict-resolution and compromise.  Pray for safe travels.  If you are on a long trip, attend church while you are away. Give thanks to God for all your new discoveries and experiences.  Thank God for the time with your family.

*Serve others.  Watch for needs of a neighbor, spend time in a nursing home, recycle, prepare lunch for Habitat for Humanity workers, or care for animals. How can you match up your family’s God-given abilities and gifts with other ways to serve in church or in your community? Discuss how you are serving God as you serve others. Invite others to join you!

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