Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

Last week, I shared a few activities for your family to try as you grow in faith together. This week, choose another activity—you may even want to share the choices with your kids and see which one they are particularly drawn to!

*Bible reading—Place a Bible on a table in your home.  Make sure it is age-appropriate for kids so they feel comfortable using it!  Choose a Scripture or a story to read once each day.  Consider acting it out, drawing pictures about it or creating the characters out of clay.  Thank God for the Bible and for its meaning for all your lives.

*Art center—Gather miscellaneous art supplies, place them in tubs and make them   available for your kids. Read the creation story from Genesis. Celebrate that God is a creator! Talk about how creativity is a gift from God for us, too.  Use the art supplies to imagine, explore, discover and create!  Display your creations in your home.  Use them as a reminder of God’s creation and creativity.  Thank God for creation!

*Watch television—Yes! Really!  Choose a specific movie or television show to watch as a family. Discuss how the characters displayed Christ-like qualities such as love, peace, patience, kindness and self-control. How did the characters display qualities that were not Christ-like such as rudeness, selfishness, complaining, or whining?  Discuss how each person can grow to have more Christ-like qualities in their lives.  Pray and ask God to help that happen.

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