Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

When our girls were younger, our family used to venture out in the cold to ice skate at Crown Center.  One time, as I was making my way around the rink, I observed some connections between ice skating and life.

  1. Old and young need each other.
  2. We all fall down sometimes.
  3. When we do fall down, it is important to get back up and try again!
  4. A helping hand makes the adventure a little easier.
  5. Sometimes we just need a break.
  6. Laughing at ourselves makes everything much more fun.
  7. Taking a risk opens the doors for new learning!
  8. Encouragement means a lot!
  9. Time outside can renew our minds, bodies and spirits.
  10. Dress in layers and make sure to always have shoes that fit. (We get less blisters that way.)

Which of these does your family resonate most with right now? Which one might you explore further? What might you add to the list?

God reveals spiritual truths to us through everyday moments. Our role is to pay attention with all of our senses to discover God and God’s leading.

Encourage your family’s faith development by acknowledging God’s presence in everything you do.  Be reminded that God is always with us and always wanting to show Himself!  Pray and ask God to help you seek Him always.  And have fun!

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