Friday Faith Builder

My husband, Chris, is the Associate Pastor at Resurrection West.  A couple of years ago, the campus pastor, Jason Gant, preached on the Parable of the Lost Sheep and as part of his sermon, he included a live sheep.  My husband was the person chosen to hang out with the sheep and lead her on and off the stage during Jason’s sermon.  I had such fun watching Chris as he gently talked to the sheep, petted her and walked calmly beside and in front of her.

Caring for animals is a responsibility God has given to each of us.  God placed people at the head of all creation and asked us to be stewards of all He had made.  With spring around the corner, now is a great time to help your kids learn about animals and how to care for them. Enjoy two or three activities below and help your family care for all of God’s creatures!

*If you have a pet, invite your child to feed and water him/her and take your pet on walks together.

*Offer to pet sit in a friend’s home.

*Visit a farm or zoo.  Learn about how the staff and volunteers care for the animals.

*Check out a book or two from the library and learn about different kinds of animals.

*Create a bird feeder or bird bath and enjoy watching and listening to the birds.

*Volunteer at an animal shelter.

*Learn about endangered animals and how you can help protect them.

Have fun as a family caring for God’s world!

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

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