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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from KiDSCOR! Here’s a great prayer you can read with your family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!


Dear God, thank you for Jesus.  Thank you for the amazing night when he was born in a manger surrounded by Joseph, Mary and the animals. Thank you that Jesus came to bring love, peace and hope to all people.  Help our family to share the love of Jesus with others.  Open our hearts to care for those who are hurting, lonely and sad.  Help us bring the light of Jesus into all the world. We praise you, God for the joy that Jesus brings to the world.  As we celebrate Christmas, help us to always remember Jesus and His love!  In His name we pray, Amen.

Advent Prayer


Trying completing this prayer together as a family!

God, this Christmas season we are thankful for…

Please forgive us for…

Please be with…

Please help me…

I praise you for…

Thank you for loving our family.  Please help our family to share your love with everyone all year long.  In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Advent Week #2 Prayer

Trying reading this prayer with your family a few times this week!


Dear God, when we see the Christmas lights, help us remember Jesus is the Light of the World.  When we hear Christmas music, remind us of your gentleness and peace.  When we taste yummy bread, help us remember you are the Bread of Life. When we send Christmas cards, help us remember to share your love with everyone.  Help us to see You in every part of the Christmas celebration. Thank you for your love and goodness.  We celebrate you!  In the name of Christ we pray, Amen.

An Advent Prayer


During The Advent Season read this prayer together as a family.

Dear God, thank you for Advent and for Christmas. Thank you for this time when we can focus on Jesus and His love.  When we hope for presents under the tree, help us also hope for more of Your presence in our lives. Please help our hearts be open this season so we can grow to know, love and serve you more deeply each and every day.  Help us to share your love with all people.  In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Advent Photo Challenge!

Advent, the season of waiting, begins today Sunday, November 27th.  During Advent, we prepare to receive God’s greatest gift, Jesus Christ.  Yes, we may have heard the story many times.  Yes, we may feel like we have seen or experienced it all. But God speaks to us in new ways as we are opening to seeing and hearing Him in new and exciting ways!

This year, we invite your family to participate in KiDSCOR’s Advent Alphabet Photo Challenge!  To the left you will find a list of Advent words—one for each day in Advent—and one for each letter of the alphabet! (Click on the picture to get a bigger version).

Here is where the challenge comes in!  Grab your family or friends or neighbors or pets and take a picture with a representation of the word for the day! Be creative in your expression—“angel” doesn’t have to be the one of top of your tree.  Maybe it is a person in your life you think of in that way!

Next, share it in on the KiDSCOR Facebook wall (, or on Instagram & Twitter with the #kidscordoesadvent. Prizes will be award randomly during the advent season for most creative pictures!

Enjoy and have fun! KiDSCOR is praying for your family you wait and watch for the coming of the Christ child!

Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

If your family has Christian faith in its background, the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas might be wonderful opportunities to share stories of faith from past generations with your children.   Some of these ideas can be used even if you are the first generation of Christians in your family! Consider one or more of the following options:

*Encourage each family member to share why he/she loves God.  Ask each person to share his/her own story of growing in God’s love.

*Create a family tree together. Include names and dates as well as a word or two describing the faith of each person.

*Ask each person his/her favorite Bible verse.  Using a family Bible or a new one purchased for this purpose, invite each family member to highlight their special verse and write their name beside it.

*Purchase a new light colored tablecloth, some paint and some permanent markers.  Encourage each person to paint their hand, place it on the tablecloth, then write their name beside it and something they want to praise God for.  Bring out the cloth each year and add to the list of people and praise God!

Blessings to you and yours as you pass on your faith!

Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

As you look ahead to Thanksgiving, enjoy some family time as you prepare for the festivities!  Create a family Thanksgiving chain.  Cut several pieces of colored construction paper into strips.  Every day from now until Thanksgiving, invite each family member to write (or draw a picture of) something he or she is thankful to God for on one strip of paper.  Use tape or a stapler to connect the strips of paper into a chain. Display the chain where everyone can see it on a regular basis.  Continue adding to it through the holiday season.

(You can also adapt this idea by creating a “Thankful Turkey” using different colored feathers or a “Thankful Tree” using different colored leaves.)

If you prefer to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy a family activity, you might want to purchase a white tablecloth and some colorful permanent markers.  Ask each person at the table to trace his/her hand.  Then ask each person to write his/her name by the handprint and list a few blessings from the year. Consider adding to this throughout the years.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, spend time together in prayer as a family thanking God for the blessings you have been given.

Friday Faith Builder

By Lisa Holliday

Each week at our KiDS COR staff meeting, one of our team members leads us in a devotion.  During one of these devotions, our team discussed the season of Thanksgiving.  We talked about the importance of both “thanks” and “giving” and enjoyed a simple activity around these words.  I thought you might enjoy reading a part of the devotion and experiencing the activity with your family!

The author of the devotion wrote:

“When my youngest was four, we started a little tradition that has helped my children focus not only on being grateful, but on giving as well.  I print off two bare trees for each child.  We call them our “Thanks” and “Giving” trees.  Every evening starting any date in November we choose, we put one paper leaf on each tree.  On one leaf we write something for which we are thankful and put it on our “Thanks” tree.  On the other leaf, we write something we have done to serve someone and place it on our “Giving” tree.  Serving can be as simple as smiling at someone, sharing a toy or writing a kind note to a loved one.”

This season, focus on Thanksgiving—both parts of the word—and fill your trees with leaves of gratitude and giving!

Meet The Staff-Debbie Covell

blogdebbieMy name is Debbie Covell and I am Nick Ransom and Lori Trupp’s assistant in KiDSCOR. This means I get to do lots of fun stuff every day! During the weekends you’ll find me at the KiDSCOR welcome center helping new families find their way in KiDSCOR! When I am not here at the church, I like to spend time with my grandson, Ezra. I also like to tap dance and read. I work at the coolest place in the world and love everyone on our team! KiDSCOR KiDS rock!

Friday Faith Builder

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

A few years ago, when I was leading worship for our three and four year olds in Tree House Park, I was once again taught by a child.  Along with singing, dancing, puppets, learning Bible words and praying, we also collected offering, as we do each week.

I reminded the children that the money would be used to help children whose tummies were hungry have food to eat.

One little girl raised her hand and said, “I know some boys and girls whose tummies aren’t hungry anymore!”

I responded by saying, “You do—that’s wonderful.  How did they get food to eat?”

She replied, “We gave them potatoes!”

Thankfully, I remembered the church had held our potato drop the day before—a day when people could come out and prepare potatoes to be given away to those in need.

I asked her if she had helped in the potato drop and she said, “Yes—I washed them!”

And she was three years old.

Whatever age your child is, consider scheduling “serving time” on your family calendar. You can find many family opportunities through FaithWorks here at Resurrection.  GROW night on Tuesday offers a family serve opportunity once a month. Watch for mission projects through KiDS COR. Look around your neighborhood, community, and school and see who needs an extra hand.  Go and serve—and let your child lead the way.  Blessings to you!