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School Prayers #2

By Pastor Lisa Holliday

Today, we continue with our “Prayers for Parents” series.  As school begins, parents may have some concerns and fears about your children beginning or returning to school.  Always remember you are not alone!  God is with you in every circumstance and KiDSCOR is present to partner with you on this parenting journey!  Feel free to use one of these prayers as a beginning place for your own conversations with God.


Dear God, I pray my child would find all of his/her strength in You. Thank you for being so faithful to my child and our family.  Thank you for celebrating with us in our joys and holding us up through our struggles.  Please help my child be willing to stand up for others when they see injustice or harm being done.  Help my child to always have a spirit of love and hope and to remember that nothing is impossible with You.  In Jesus, name I pray, Amen.

(Based on Philippians 4:13)


Dear God, thank You for blessing our child in so many ways.  Please give our child eyes to see Your love and people in need.  Help him/her to have ears to listen to You and to the cries of others.  Please give our child hands to raise to You in prayer and to serve others.  Please help our child use his/her feet to follow You and guide others in Your ways.  Thank You for loving our child even more than we do—which we can hardly imagine, but we believe is true.  We praise You, God.  In Christ’s name, Amen.

Back To School Prayer


As a new school year gets going, take some time to read this prayer with your kiddos before they head off to school. Don’t just do it on the first day but do it for the first week!

Dear God, as I head to school soon, I want to thank you for always being with me in the lunchroom, the hallways, my classroom or on the playground.  Thank you for loving me when I am excited about a great grade or sad when I feel alone or afraid.  Thank you for the chance to learn new stuff and to respect the teachers who are leading me. God, please help me to be a friend to all people just like you are to everyone.  Help me to listen, to be patient and kind, to share a smile, to invite someone to eat lunch with me or to play with me at recess. In school or out of school, help me to always learn about you, grow in my friendship with you, call on you, and praise you!  You are an awesome God and I love you!  Please always help me share your love with everyone! Thanks, God for caring about all this and so much more! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


Pastor Lisa Holliday