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Communion & Your Kids Part 3

Lastsupper_breadcupHopefully, your family is planning to share in Family Communion this Sunday, February 28. If you are, or if you just want to learn a little more about communion, check out the past two blog posts. Today is the final in the series.

Gather your family. Let them know you have a few questions for them. Ask everyone to just shout out their answers. Ask them to: name a town or city, name a sports team, and name a school.

Let them know these are communities and communities are groups of people who live in the same area or who share something in common with each other. Churches are communities, too.

When we come together as a church to worship and share communion, we are doing so as a community of believers. When we share in the eating of the bread and the drinking of the cup, we are reminded that we are all a part of the community of Jesus’ followers. Celebrating the Lord’s Supper is one way we remember we belong to Jesus, and all the people who are sharing the meal belong to Jesus, too.

The church you attend isn’t the only community of believers! So every time you participate in communion, think of all the churches around the world who are also taking communion! They are believers and they belong to Jesus as well. The community of Christian faith is enormous and yet, there is always room for more who want to follow Him!


By Pastor Lisa Holliday

Communion & Your Kids Part 2

Lastsupper_breadcupToday, in preparation for Family Communion on Feb 28, we are continuing our chat about communion or the Lord’s Supper. Last week we talked about how everyone who is a part of God’s family is invited to share in the special meal to remember Jesus and His love for us. We will begin this family time together with an activity.

Before you gather your family, gather a small amount of food for each person and place it in individual paper bag. (One bag might have crackers, one might have chips, one might have carrots or candy, etc.) When the family is together, hand each person a bag. Then, one at a time, ask each person to close his/her eyes and guess what is inside the bag using all of their senses except sight.

After the activity, remind your family that God has given us all our senses to learn about and understand the world God created. Our senses helped us discover the food inside our bags, and our senses help us learn about and understand the bread and juice served at the Lord’s Supper.

Read Matthew 26:26-28 together. When we hear Jesus’ words and we experience the Lord’s Supper with all of our senses, we remember Jesus forgives our sins and that He loves us very much.


By Lisa Holliday

Communion and your child!

This is the first of 3 posts exploring communion and how you can talk to your children about.

Pizza…hot dogs… French fries…cupcakes…veggies… —no matter what foods are on the table, when we are hungry, we want to hear the words, “Come to the table!”

The Bible is filled with stories about meals, food and banquets, and the invitations and responses that go with them. Jesus enjoyed many meals with his followers and friends and He wants us continue one of those meals today.

If you are a follower of Christ, you have probably taken part in communion or the Lord’s Supper. You and your kids might have some questions about this meal, so over the next couple of blogs, I will write about the meaning of the meal and its elements. (You might want to share this information with your kids as your family prepares to attend Family Communion in KiDSCOR on Feb. 28th. KiDSCOR will also be holding a family class about communion on Feb 21st.)

Today, let’s answer this question: Who is invited to share in Jesus’ special meal?

The answer is: Everyone in God’s family! (People who believe in Jesus and believe Jesus forgives us when we sin and say we are sorry.)

Talk about some of the special meals you have been invited to—a wedding party, a neighborhood potluck, a birthday celebration, a meal after a baptism—you know that family is usually a part of these events. The Lord’s Supper is a time when God’s family gets together to celebrate what God has done for us through Jesus. The Lord’s Supper is one way Jesus’ followers can always remember how very much he loves them.

See you next week for more on the Lord’s Supper!