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Merry Christmas!

By Brenda Thornton


I think this picture says how we all feel when we start seeing the Christmas decorations come out and stores start sales in July.  It does panic us a bit to think about all those decorations, gifts and everything else that we do to get ready for Christmas.  We can also think to use it as a friendly reminder to ask ourselves; what have we been doing these past 6 months?  Do we have the same Christmas Spirit that we had in December?  Are people’s needs as important now as they were then? Are we extending grace? These are some things that Jesus wants us to ask ourselves all year long. not just at Christmas time.  In Rev. Hamilton’s book  “Not a Silent Night” he talks about how we are to devote our lives to being witnesses for Jesus and continuing the work He had begun and this year, how will we offer hope to people who don’t have it? How will we offer encouragement and joy? Jesus didn’t say this month or at Christmas He said all year long.  Now that we are halfway through the year, take some time to re-evaluate how you and your family are doing with this.  So, go out and show grace, shine the light, show the world that Jesus is not just a boy born at Christmas time, but he is with us all year long too.  So think of all the decorations and sales going on in July as that friendly reminder that we are to have the Christmas Spirit all year long.

Glowing Pickle

In the upper elementary grades we’ve been talking about God as the ultimate source of life. As the source of life we need to plug into God in every aspect of life. As an example of this we made a pickle into a light bulb all we had to do is plug the pickle into the outlet (sort of).
We need to tap into the ultimate source of light and life. We encouraged the kids to do this by telling God you believe in him and starting a relationship with him, asking God for forgiveness when you mess up, going to God in prayer when you have a tough decision, putting others first ahead of ourselves. When we tap into the ultimate source of life in these ways this is when we know life abundantly.