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Give Back 25

GiveBack25_logo_updatedFrom September 16-October 11, Church of the Resurrection is celebrating our 25th anniversary by giving back 25,000 hours in service to our community! Encourage your entire family to participate in serving God by serving others. During this time period, choose at least two ways your whole family can be God’s hands and feet! Some ideas are listed here. For a complete list click here. These forms will also be handed out in KiDSCOR the next couple of weeks!

*Create a donation box and collect gently used items to give away

*Set up a recycling station and take out the recycling each week

*Visit the local retirement home and hand out gift bags or cards

*Bake treats and take them to firefighters or police officers

*Clean up your neighborhood by picking up trash.

*Pick up the paper and mail for someone who is out-of-town

*Run a garage sale or bake sale and give the money to a local charity

Once you have served invite your kiddo to log their hours by clicking here. We are doing our best to track how many hours our entire church ends up serving during our 25th Birthday celebration.

Pray that God will bless your efforts and that people will experience God’s love and grace as you serve. As you serve others, your family will be blessed, too!

KiDSCOR Is Giving Back!

Next month our church is turning 25 years old. To celebrate we are giving back 25,000 hours of community service and KiDSCOR is taking part! For the next month we are collecting the following items. Look at this picture:

care kit photo


These items will be put together to create care kits and will go to every student in our 6 partner schools in Olathe and downtown KC.

You can bring these items to this collection point on the 2nd floor of KiDSCOR or find the collection point on the first floor too!

collectionsiteWe are doing a friendly competition boys v. girls to see who can bring in the most items. Winning team gets to throw Cake at Mr. Nick on October 11th!  We will also be hosting a sorting party on Friday, October 16 at 2:00pm to get these items ready to for our friends at our partner schools. Our offering for the next few weeks will also be going to purchasing these supplies. We have 2,500 kits to put together. Sign up here to register for the sorting party!

Thanks for helping us with this project as you as you purchase items and take in this project be sure to spread the word using the hashtag #giveback 25.

Finally check out this fun video from some awesome kiddos ready to start serving!