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Hallway Makeover


For the past 11 years the halls of KiDSCOR have been the highlight for many people entering our building for the 1st or 50th time. The murals have been a welcoming sight to both the young and old. It’s a sign that Church Of The Resurrection is a place that welcomes kids.
Over the next few weeks the halls will be undergoing a makeover. So the question is why?Reason #1: If  you take some time walking the halls and look closely at them (which we have) you would notice a few things. You’ll notice the walls are showing the signs of wear and tear. Each week hundreds if not thousands of people walk through the halls and this is beginning to show quite noticeably.  Repair and upkeep of the murals is nearly impossible without a muralist on staff. We’ve tried and not been successful at keeping them maintained well.
Reason #2: As with all cool things, the cool factor begins to disappear with time. Very rarely does an elementary kid walk through the halls and notice the murals. Kids are changing and we need to as well. We believe a fresh look to our halls will give them a brand new WOWSA look! A look that says we are relevant and love kids.
Beginning July 18th work in our hallways will begin and will conclude in about 2 weeks. These first 2 weeks will just be painting. Following the painting we will begin the process of adding new interactive elements to the halls. This will be a process that will take several months.
We are grateful for a church that allows us to continue to stay cutting edge and relevant making sure our kids know the love of Jesus.

Stay tuned as we get an extreme makeover!