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Talking About Forgiveness!



This week in Sunday School we got to show off our speed skills AND learn about forgiveness! Our teams raced against each carrying full water coolers to help show how carrying around our anger or bitterness can really hinder us. Instead, we should forgive those who may have hurt or upset us and it will lighten the load we have to carry each day! We learned about the servant in Matthew who was forgiven a large debt, but failed to forgive someone else’s minor debt. That servant was punished for life! Overall, we learned that it might be hard to forgive, but it will only hurt us not too! And God wants to forgive us, so for Him to do so, we must also forgive others!

Lauren Kats-KiDSCOR Summer Intern

Faith In Action

Yesterday our 3rd-5th graders put their faith into action. We began our time together hearing from some of our 5th graders who went on a mission trip to NYC this summer and how they put their faith into action in a big city. Then together we put our faith into action by creating incentive bags that will be donated to our partners schools in downtown KC. The pics below show the hard work of our 3rd-5th graders.