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Ava’s Angels Coat Drive!



During the month of October KiDSCOR is collect new and gently used Coats for Ava’s Angels. Here’s a little bit about this awesome mission project from the founder Ava!

My name is Ava Jones. I am 13 years old. I feel led by God to serve others.  When I was 8 I had an idea to create an organization that collects coats. My friends and I call ourselves “Ava’s Angels”.  We would meet at my house  after school and go door-to-door throughout neighborhoods and ask for any winter items they would be willing to donate.  We also placed a bin on our front porch for anyone to drop off their donation.  Flyers were left at homes for families that were not home at the time we were knocking. The first year, I had 15 “Angels” and  we collected 111 coats, the second year we collected 150 coats. The third year we collected 500 coats, the fourth year 550 and last year we collected 650 coats. I am now in Middle School and my  group of “Angles”  has grown to 40!!   This year my goal is to collect over 1,000 coats/ winter items.  Winter is just around the corner and I want to make sure that unfortunate families are warm this winter. You can help by donating a new or gently used coat,  hat, or pair of mittens. (any size) All of the items that are collected are delivered to our church and donated to Project Warmth.

Ava’s Angels thanks you for making a difference this winter


– Ava Jones

Spring Break Service Ideas

By Denise Mersmann

Spring is in the air! Along with the budding flowers and singing birds, comes a few glorious unscheduled days of spring break.

For some, spring break is a time to head out in search of sandy beaches or snow covered ski trails. But for others, spring break is a great time for a relaxed and meaningful staycation.

If your family happens to have a little free time this spring, consider putting some time to use in a productive, but still fun, way.   Your family can devote a few hours, a day or several days of your spring break to helping make the world a little brighter! There are a lot of fun ways your family can serve right here in the metro.

Some ideas that you might consider:

Have a lemonade stand in your neighborhood to raise money for a cause that matters to you. Before you start, decide where you would like to donate the money you raise and make sure to include that on your signs!

Pull weeds and clean up a local park or shelter area. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves so no one gets cut and have some antibacterial wipes in the car to clean up for the ride home.

Send a package to deployed military troops. Go to Operation Gratitude or Give2TheTroops for details on blessing our troops.

Take out the sidewalk chalk and decorate the sidewalk or driveway of one of your neighbors or the walking trail a local park.

Take an outdoor plant or flower to a neighbor – offer to help plant it for them.

Make bird feeders to hang in trees in the parks or along local walking trails. You can find super easy directions by Googling “homemade bird feeders”.

Go to a local shelter and love on the animals. If you have extra blankets or towels that you can donate those are always appreciated.

Serve at the Ronald McDonald house. There are many opportunities for families to serve other families who are going through a tough time. Search “Ronald McDonald house volunteering” for the opportunity that best fits your family.

Collect gently used or new swim suits to donate to local children’s shelters like Spofford House.

There are many ways that your family can serve, either through organized opportunities or individually. As you are coming up with what opportunities best fit your family, consider what you enjoy doing, how much time and money you can commit and the environment that you feel comfortable working in. Regardless of what you do, celebrate that you are blessing others with your time and talent!

Making A Difference!

Written by Denise Mersmann

Many years ago before I had kids of my own, I went as a fill in for mom’s night at my nephew’s high school family week football practice. His mom was out of town on business and it was clear when he asked if I would go in her place that having someone there for the “mom and son” activities was important to him.

I remember having a great time trying to do the drills and laughing as the boys continued to show up the women who loved and cared for them. Even though he wasn’t my son, I was proud to be a part of something that was important to him and to see what happened behind the scenes rather than on the field on game night.

At the end of the week, the coach talked to the parents and something he said that night profoundly changed how I would parent my own children. The coach shared that throughout his playing career, from grade school through college, his parents attended every game. Sometimes when his sister had an activity parents divided up, but he always knew that there was someone in the stands just for him. He went on to say that his parents were not wealthy people and that they sacrificed vacation time and gotten by on little sleep, staying in cheap hotels and driving through the night to make it possible to see all his games. Then he said something that still guides me 22 years later. He told us that as a kid, even through college, that his parents making his games a priority showed him that his sport was important to them and that made it even more important to him. He said that when he was tired and thinking maybe he wasn’t good enough, that knowing his parents felt his football career was worth their time and sacrifice just made him want to do better.

As our kids have participated in activities through the years, we have gotten as involved as possible in more ways that I care to remember. We have enjoyed the time with our kids and getting to know others parents. Through it all, it seemed our kids liked having us around and appreciated that we took the time. But it wasn’t until recently that we actually realized the impact of our time and effort.

When our oldest child started Sunday school, we were asked to volunteer. For fourteen years, my husband taught Sunday school every week (ok he took some summers off) with one of our kids. We really hadn’t considered that they thought much about it until this past summer when, over lunch, our 17 year old son said “I loved having dad as my Sunday school teacher. Everyone wanted to be in his small group, tell him what was going on in their lives and have him notice them. And I was so proud that he was my dad.”

If a football player gets the message from his parents showing up to his games that football is a high priority and they value it, what kind of amazing message can we send our kids when we volunteer in their Sunday school class?


Pray For Our Mission Teams

What an incredible weekend this is with KiDSCOR missions! Some of our kindergarteners are headed off to Omaha to plant a community garden, work in a food pantry, learn about diversity and visit the zoo! Several third graders are off to St. Louis to work in a homeless shelter, serve meals and learn about poverty. Our fifth grade group begins training for our summer mission trip to New York City where we will work in a food pantry, work in a community garden, learn about homelessness, and visit museums designed to teach about immigration and diversity.

Serving others is such an important part of growing in our faith. When our kids see us helping a neighbor, volunteering at church, serving in the wider community or participating in a mission trip, they learn about compassion, getting along with others, using their gifts and being the body of Christ. As we model lives of service and provide opportunities for our kids to join in these experiences, we also grow closer to God and more connected as a family.

This weekend, please pray for all of those involved in the KiDSCOR mission trips. Find a way to serve here in Kansas City whether it be at church or in the community. And if you will have a kindergartener, third grader or fifth graders next year, consider joining in on one of the mission trips in 2016!

(Pictured below: KiDSCOR Omaha Missions Team and KiDSCOR St. Louis Missions Team)



Mac & Cheese

For the past 4 weeks KiDSCOR has been collecting Mac & Cheese as part of the Souper Bowl Food Drive! It was a friendly competition between the boys and the girls to see who could collect more. At the end of the 4 weeks our kiddos collected 1,981 boxes with the boys narrowly winning the competition at the end of the day thanks to 1 4th grader who brought in 100 boxes of Mac and Cheese at the 5:00 p.m. service. Thanks to everyone who donated and what a huge difference this is going to make for many local Kansas City Food banks.

And by the way as a reward for a great job! I allowed kids to throw a few pies in my face to celebrate! Great job everyone!


Mac and Cheese Drive_0005 Mac and Cheese Drive_0006

Kids Making A Difference!

December was again a very busy month in KiDS COR.  Because we kicked off Advent on its first Sunday, our curriculum lined up with the Sundays in the Advent season.  As closely as possible, our lessons followed the weekly Advent messages of Pastor Adam. Possibly the students’ favorite character during Advent was the venerable Scrooge, who was brought to light in Pastor Adam’s sermon.  After Scrooge was changed, the joy he found in giving gifts to others rang true the week our lesson featured the generous gifts of the Wise Men.  Like Scrooge, they gave their gifts to a newborn baby boy whose parents would never have expected them from the Magi.  In just that way, Scrooge surprised the unsuspecting recipients of his own gifts.

The way KiDS COR tried to live out this lesson was to make handmade Christmas cards to give to complete strangers.  And we did just that.  Our students made 400 Christmas cards, which were delivered to strangers far and wide.  And some or our students were so excited about bringing joy to others, they made additional cards for their parents, grandparents, other relatives, neighbors and teachers. Take a look at some of their creations below:14 15 16

Over 100 of our cards went to our Wounded Warriors who spent their Christmas hospitalized at the US Army Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

This is the trauma hospital to which our soldiers wounded in Afghanistan are directly from the battlefield for surgery and rehab.  Another 50 more cards were included in Christmas Care Packages which were and mailed to members or relatives of Resurrection serving on active duty somewhere in the world on Christmas Day.  This is a longstanding personal ministry of nearly 50 Resurrection members who have a personal connection with the military personnel to whom the Care Packages are sent every Christmas.

Nearly 150 cards were distributed to prisoners at the Lansing Correctional Facility here in Kansas.  Brothers in Blue, Resurrection’s principal Prison Ministry, regularly leads an Alpha Class for prisoners at Lansing who enthusiastically received KiDS COR Christmas Cards from children they will never meet.

Finally, the remaining roughly 100 Christmas cards were presented to frail, weak, and ill seniors who are home-bound or nursing home residents by Resurrections Silver link Ministry, led by Pastor Karla Woodward.“Some cards went to care home service congregations too.  KiDS COR’s gift of beautiful handmade Christmas Cards certainly brightened the holiday season for MANY!!”