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Social Media Sharing

By Denise Mersmann

“If you loved me, you would share with me.” That was a phrase that my kids used when they were little to try and get my husband and I to part with bites of cookie or other treats that we might be eating. While we knew we were getting manipulated, they were so cute that we mindlessly turned over the object of their interest nearly every time.

Sharing is one of those actions that has a really good reputation normally. I love when people share what they enjoy with me and I try to share things I like with friends and family.

Recently, however, I have noticed that I am reluctant to “share” things on Facebook or Instagram. I hesitate to “retweet” even if what I am seeing is something that I think is worth forwarding on to my social media buddies. As a KiDSCOR staffer, I always hesitate to “share” some of the really cool things that are happening in our own ministry area because I don’t want to appear to be taking credit for projects that I wasn’t directly involved in.

But then it occurred to me that by sharing or retweeting, I am not saying that I created an event or even that I am going to be a part of it. When I pass something along through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other format, I am just letting other people know that there is an awesome upcoming event or to showcase a recent activity that might be of interest to them.

As I was thinking about my reluctance to pass things on, I realized that many of the events I have enjoyed recently have come to me through a person who may have had no idea that it was something I would be interested in. In fact, they may have had a specific target group in mind that didn’t include me at all.

So from now on, I am going to “share” more. Not cookies, of course, but tweets, blogs and links to things that might interest my friends. And I hope that my friends will “share” with their friends, because even if something is right for my family or yours it might be just exactly what your friend’s family is looking for.