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Meet The Staff-Debbie Covell

blogdebbieMy name is Debbie Covell and I am Nick Ransom and Lori Trupp’s assistant in KiDSCOR. This means I get to do lots of fun stuff every day! During the weekends you’ll find me at the KiDSCOR welcome center helping new families find their way in KiDSCOR! When I am not here at the church, I like to spend time with my grandson, Ezra. I also like to tap dance and read. I work at the coolest place in the world and love everyone on our team! KiDSCOR KiDS rock!

Staff Spotlight-Mike Petersma


Greetings!  My name is Mike Petersma and I have been the Elementary Program Director for the last five years.  You will most likely see me walking the halls on the 2nd floor of KiDSCOR on Sundays as well as greeting you as you leave with your kiddos at the double glass doors.

I have a wife named Laura who is a Mother/Baby nurse and three girls Katherine (16), Caroline (10), and Elizabeth (8).  I was raised in the state of Iowa, with a love for beautiful tulips and delicious Dutch pastries.

After leaving the corporate world I went to Seminary, followed by ten years in the curriculum publishing industry and six years as a Children’s Pastor at a local church here in Kansas City.

I love investing my time and gifts into kids.  There is nothing better than watching a child experience the love of Jesus and to see it mold and shape their hearts.  My prayer is that every child who comes through the doors of KiDSCOR will leave feeling loved, valued, and eager to return as they grow in their relationship with Christ.

Staff Spotlight-Nick Ransom


familypiceditspruceHey All! My name is Nick Ransom and I work with the kindergarten-5th graders here at Church Of The Resurrection. On Sundays you’ll find me in Bible Theater making a lot of noise, on Wednesday nights you’ll find me wandering the halls during ZONE also making some noise. (BTW-ZONE is our small group program for K-4th graders it’s a lot fun. Let me know if your kiddos would like to check it out sometime.)    You’ll also find me hanging out at our special events and camps during the year as well! (trying not to make much noise)

I have 4 elementary kids and a cool wife who are always here at the church and provide instant feedback on most everything I do in KiDSCOR. We’ve been attending Resurrection for 11 years and have loved every minute of it.

Not only do I love teaching and talking about our faith to our elementary kiddo, but I also believe that giving kids a good foundation of faith is so important as they grow up. Providing safe, fun, and relevant opportunities for our kids and their families to grow in their faith is my goal every day I’m here at the church.

If you have questions about anything kid or family related drop me an email I would love to support your family in any way! My email is!

Staff Spotlight-Sherri Espinoza

Hello KiDSCOR families!

My name is Sherri Espinoza. I am one of the coordinators in Nursery and Childcare. I am married to Alex and have two sons, Nikolas and Noah. I have worked in Nursery and Childcare for just over three years. Every year has been an awesome experience!

All you need to know about me is this:sherriespinoza

I am passionate about teaching the children how to build a meaningful relationship with God. I want the children to walk out of our classrooms and know that they are loved by God! Teaching the children about God is my favorite part of this job. I want the children to know just how awesome He is!


I am passionate about Star Wars. I’ve been known to drop Star Wars quotes during normal conversations. “Do or do not. There is no try” is my favorite quote. It applies to life on a daily basis.

I love my family! They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

I love to make people laugh. Life is short. I’m short. Let’s laugh about it.

I love the word awesome! How many times have I said awesome in this? Not enough.

I am truly blessed to work among the awesome children, volunteers and staff at Kids COR!