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What A Summer!

By Nick Ransom

As we wrap up this summer and head into the new school I thought it might be cool to take a look back and see all the cool stuff that happened in KiDSCOR. It was truly an awesome summer and wow did it go by fast!!

nycmissiontrip#3Our summer began with 2 groups of 5th graders serving in New York City, not only were they serving, but they were also learning about poverty and the real life struggles people deal with everyday. Pastor Lisa lead this group and had an amazing time with them.


slugger We move onto VBC and our “Meet the Royals” week. Campers learned about the Kings & Queens of the Bible with a baseball spin. Over 1,000 kids and 250 volunteer leaders made for an incredible week! We raised over $8,000 for Honduras and packed hundreds of meals for the hungry. I could spend this whole blog post sharing all the cool stuff that took place at VBC, but I’ll stop now!


We then had 2 weeks of basketball camp with over 450 kiddos attending. The campers learned basketball skills and to always Represent Christ! We also collected hundreds of shoes for Kicks For KC! We even took our camp on the road to Welborn Elementary in KCK!

Finally, we headed out to Youthfront for 2 amazing sessions of camp with our 2nd-5th graders. We enjoyed awesome lake fun and had a great time learning about Moses!youthfrontpiccrop

Wow! What a summer! Thank you to everyone who participated in camp and a BIG THANK YOU to those that served. As we move to the school we hope to see you on Sundays and Wednesday nights!