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3rd Grade Mission Trip Day 2

Today was our second day in St. Louis.  We spent the morning putting together kits for new Moms.  We decorated gift bags filled with baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, Dreft detergent, and a tiny wash cloth.  Each kit cost $10 and we raised enough money for 110 kits.  During Team Time, we talked about the book we read last night, “The Streets are Free” because it talked about a kids and a community coming together to make a playground.

Our devotion was a game where each one of us had to find a baggie hidden in the house.  The baggies had words for our mission verse that we had to put together.  Our verse is “Your Word is a lamp before my feet and a light for my journey” Psalm 119:105.

Then we went to Cherokee street and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. There were tacos and ice cream but sadly we did not get ice cream.  We walked to Bridge Bread.  Bridge Bread is a bakery where they sell yummy cinnamon rolls and breads.  The bakers are people that were homeless and didn’t have hope in their future.  One baker’s story that really touched me was that thought he would be living the rest of his life in an air conditioning unit on top of a hotel.  He now has a job and a place to live.  We took mini cinni’s and water bottles up and down Cherokee street giving them out for free.  Some people were really excited and some thought they had to pay.  When we told them they were free, they were really surprised.  We passed out minis and water and picked up trash at their community park called Love Bank. That was a lot like the park from our book.

After Cherokee Street, we went back to Rutger House and then went to the City Museum.  The City Museum was a really fun place.  It had all these super fun slides and they had an outdoor climbing playground that I was too scared to go up high on but lots of the other kids did.   They had caves and tunnels you could go through and explore and it was really fun.  I loved climbing with my friends – not just the girls but with the boys as well.  We ate pizza and chocolate chip cookies and soda or water.  After exploring the caves more, we went back to the Rutger House.

After devotion and team time, we were all super tired and went to bed.

3rd Grade Mission Trip Day 1 Recap

*A group of 3rd graders with their parents are taking part in a 4 day mission trip to St. Louis. Below is a quick recap of their first day!*

Day 1 – April 21, 2017

We left on our 3rd grade mission trip to St. Louis this morning in two big vans – boys in one van and girls in another.  We stopped at a park in Columbia, Missouri to eat and play.  When we got to St. Louis, we went to Kingdom House (  and played games with kids that were part of their after school program.  Today was Fun Friday which meant instead of homework, they played games  with us.  We played get to know each other games and tag games.  We ate dinner with them.  It was ham sandwiches, raw broccoli with ranch dressing, sliced peaches and milk.  We made some new friends and had a lot of fun.

After dinner, we took a tour of Kingdom House.  We saw classrooms that are used for preschool, after school programs, and adult classes like nutrition and cooking.  We visited a store where people can shop for clothes and shoes.  Everything is $1.00.  After that, we went to their food market and pantry.  At the market, they can buy food for a low price, and at the pantry, they can get free food.  Then we headed back across the street to Rutger House where we staying.  It is a very nice house and we are happy we have a comfortable place to sleep.  After team time and devotions, we all read a book with our grownup, “The Streets are Free” and then went to bed to get a good night’s sleep before a busy day tomorrow!

-Tessa Ruhnke

KC Partner School KiDS thank our KiDSCOR KiDS!

Last spring, the Children’s Sunday School Offering was used to buy books for the Resurrection Bookmobile. The bookmobile distributes free books to children in the Kansas City area.  We donated $1,489.50 for books this year. Here are a few of the thank you cards that the KC KiDS wrote to our KiDS!card 2


card 1

Way to go VBC campers – here are the final Mission projects totals!

Our goal was $8,000 for the Juan Wesley School in Honduras. Last week at VBC, we collected $8,288.04. Our Resurrection Mission Dept. will match this amount which means we will be able to contribute $16,576.08 to the Juan Wesley School for supplies, tuition, and other items.

Here are the school supplies totals for our KC Partner schools:
Crayons, markers and colored pencils:  887 packages
Math flashcards:  438 packages
Misc. items:  84


Day Four Mission Totals!

amazing grace video

As of Thursday, we have raised $3,810.37 for the Juan Wesley School in Honduras (our goal is $8,000).

We have also collected the following for our KC Partner schools:
635 packages of crayons, colored pencils, and markers
342 packages of flashcards

Great job VBC KiDS!

Goose Speaks!

Goose tells campers to keep the eye on the ball in the game of baseball…and more importantly, keep your eye on Jesus in the game of life!Goose

Playing Hard, Praying Hard

Young & Old, God Calls All to be MVPs!
Wednesday’s lesson was about young King Josiah taking over his father’s royal duties. The eight-year-old King ruled with the wisdom and experience only God can give and he proved to be a much finer king than his father. Campers learned they too can make a difference starting now!