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VBC Reflections 2


“I can’t believe that VBC week is almost over! It’s been a week FULL of finion fun! We have learned a lot this week, such as Jesus calling Peter, the story of Mary and Martha, Jesus feeding 5,000, and about making disciples. Not to mention, we got to learn new songs, new dances, and we even got to rap Scripture verses! Today, we talked about the importance of telling others about Jesus and sharing the Good News of His love and His mission for us all.

For me, It’s pretty easy to sink into selfishness. I often want to keep things for myself, whether it be material items or glory for the tasks I complete. I had never really thought about how keeping God’s story to myself could be considered selfish as well. But as we learned today, Jesus told his disciples that their mission was to go and tell the world about him no matter how difficult that may be. That mission remains the same for me, for all of us today. If I took all the situations where I stayed quiet and actually shared about Jesus, I could spread His light and ultimately work to fulfill The Great Commission and what is more important than that? The easy route and personal glory or Jesus?

Today, we pledged to go out into the world and tell everyone about Jesus! I challenge everyone who reads this to take on this mission as well. Put on your serious face and get in your best runners pose like these little ones and go out there and make disciples, tell your friends the Good News!

-Lauren Kats (KiDSCOR Summer Intern)

VBC Reflections


I came into this week of VBC in total work mode. Being a Rez Downtowner and diving into a much bigger pond at Leawood, I was preparing myself for a very rude awakening at VBC. Last year at Downtown, our VBC averaged about 200 kids
(which IS a lot considering it was our first crack at doing VBC), but this year I was entering the land of Leawood, where VBC held way over 1,000 children. Needless to say, I was terrified. I did everything I could in my power to show the KiDSCOR staff that I was working so hard at handling a much larger, more complex VBC. Case in point, I became Martha.

This realization hit me on Day two. I sat with my Green Butterfly class and began to read to them the story of Mary and Martha. Jesus had come to visit sisters Mary and Martha at Martha’s house. Martha rushed around, trying to make things perfect for Jesus and to impress him with all her work. She was busy, and wanted everyone to know. Mary, however, sat at the feet of Jesus and simply enjoyed Him. Mary listened to Him. Mary’s heart was solely present with the One who truly mattered. I finished the story and looked up at the nine sweet, bright pairs of eyes looking at me. I was overwhelmed by my realization. I was Martha. It was time to become Mary. Without checking the time, or scanning the room for a mess, or making sure I knew what our next activity was, I smiled, and asked the kids “Would you rather be Mary or Martha?”

-Emma Marston (KiDSCOR Summer Intern)