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Celebrate & Serve 2015


Just a few short weeks ago over 150 awesome KiDSCOR leaders got together to celebrate and equip themselves for the 2015-2016 school year. It was a great time with lots of yummy food and lots of training in small and large groups. In case you missed it here are some highlights.

The morning began with Lori Trupp reminding us what we value when serving in KiDSCOR. She highlighted the value of Safety and explained the importance of completing an internal background check as well as the conference’s Safe Gathering online course. To hear her talk click here (It’s only 6 minutes long)

Next we had some specific breakouts based on the age group you served with. We also had time to sharpen our storytelling skills as well as learn how to handle challenging kiddos in your classroom. Mr. Mike spoke for a few minutes on the importance of being on time when serving as well as a few other classroom challenges we may face. To hear his talk click here (It’s 11 minutes long)

Finally we gathered one more time to review our evacuation policy. We took part in a fire drill and after successfully completing the drill we got a brand new KiDSCOR t-shirt. To watch a quick video of our fire drill and learn our evacuation route click here. 

Our volunteers are awesome! Thank you for serving and taking the time to get better as a leader.