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Sunday V. Wednesday


By Nick Ransom

As we gear up for the school year, I am often asked the question of the difference between what we do on Wednesdays with our elementary kiddos and what we do on Sundays. Here’s my attempt to answer that question in a very brief blog post.

Wednesday nights have 2 programs running at the same time. ZONE, which is for K-4th graders & Wild 1’s a 5th grade youth group. Those who participate in ZONE get their first taste of a small group. Each kid is assigned a small group and 1 leader. They will spend the entire semester together experiencing ZONE and learning more about their faith. In ZONE you will not finding us memorizing scripture or opening our Bibles to focus on the details of a certain Bible story, rather our focus is all on the relational part of our faith. We do have a Bible story and theme for the night, which serves as our springboard. There are 3 relational opportunities for each kid at ZONE:

  1. With the other kids in their group
  2. With their small group leader
  3. With Jesus

We hope kids make new friends at ZONE, have a positive leader who points them to Jesus, and finally their faith and relationship with Jesus grows stronger. Everything we do in ZONE points them to making these 3 relationships great!

Wild 1’s is our 5th grade youth group, this group is also all about relationships, but also has the goal of preparing 5th graders for the transition over to Rez Life when they enter 6th grade. You’ll find we give the 5th graders a little more freedom; we take field trips, and run the night much like a traditional youth group with lots of large group activities.

Sundays also have the relational component but we also include a lot more Bible knowledge. We encourage kids to memorize Bible verses, open their Bibles, ask questions, and really focus on one Bible story and what it can teach us about God and how we are to live. We have large group worship and small group/classroom experiences all focused on one particular Bible story/theme.

So which one should your child attend?? Both of course! Both are awesome in my opinion and kids can benefit from each program. However, we know each family is different when it comes to schedules and other factors play into your church attendance during different seasons. If you would like to chat more about this drop me an email (


Note: At the time this post was written ZONE is looking for small group leaders if you are interested email me (Nick).

ZONE Wrap-Up Video

Check out the ZONE recap video! ZONE is our Wednesday night program for Kids in Kindergarten-4th Grade! Many Thanks To Mike Hiteshew For Putting This Together!!!